Friday, March 2, 2012


Good Morning my BA Beauties and Happy Friday. Today, I received some fabulous information about a contest that is going on. Whip Hand Cosmetics founded by Riese Lauriat is running a great contest called "Fame Your Name" Makeup naming contest. You will have the opportunity to name a new makeup remover for Whip Hand Cosmetics.

Are any of my BA beauties feeling extra creative??? I hope so. Honestly, who would not want to be immortalized?????? So lovelies I am going to give you all the information below about the contest below. I do hope my readers enter and have great time!!!!!!! Just as a FYI, I am not being sponsored by Whip Hand about this contest. I am entering as well but I want all my beauties to have a opportunity to be creative directors.. ENJOY!!!!!

Here are the information and rules

Luxury cosmetics brand Whip Hand Cosmetics launches the “Fame Your Name” Cosmetics Naming Contest, which asks fans to name the company’s new makeup remover product. The Grand Prize winner’s name will be featured on the product and packaging.

Who better to name your new cosmetic product then the people who are most passionate about makeup, beauty and fashion? And who better to promote alongside that new product than the next generation of up-and-coming beauty and fashion talent who developed the name?
Luxury cosmetics and beauty brand Whip Hand Cosmetics is launching the “Fame Your Name” Cosmetics Naming Contest, which asks makeup artists, cosmetics junkies, fashion designers, models, photographers, stylists, beauty and cosmetics bloggers and fans to help the edgy, up-and-coming, Detroit-based cosmetics and beauty company name its new makeup remover product.
In return, the Grand Prize recipient will have their winning name featured on the Whip Hand Cosmetics makeup remover product and packaging at the company’s official launch and debut at The International Makeup Artists Trade Show in New York City, April 14 & 15, 2012.
Even better, Whip Hand Cosmetics will include a card profiling the Grand Prize Winner with every bottle of the makeup remover the company ships for the next year. The winning entry will become the official, permanent name of the makeup remover product.
Enter the contest today at the Whip Hand Cosmetics “Fame Your Name” Cosmetics Naming Contest.
“Whip Hand Cosmetics was built on the idea that we wanted to create a company that included beauty, fashion and cosmetics professionals in the process of creating exceptional, innovative and trend-setting products that met and exceeded professionals’ needs,” explains Riese Lauriat, Whip Hand Cosmetics Founder and Chief Makeup Artist.  “Even more importantly, we believe in promoting great talent, regardless of their level of experience, credentials, pedigree, or connections. That’s why we took the step of upping the ante, by giving the person with the winning name the opportunity to be promoted alongside our product when it ships.”
The contest asks beauty, makeup and fashion professionals, as well as the public, to come up with a name for Whip Hand Cosmetics’ new makeup remover product.
Whip Hand Cosmetics is accepting entries for the first round of the contest until midnight EDT Monday, March 12, 2012. The contest is open to U.S. residents, 18 years or older.
A group of judges at Whip Hand Cosmetics will choose the final five most promising names from all of the entries and announce them Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 on the Official Whip Hand Cosmetics Facebook page. The product name that receives the most “Likes” during the public voting period will become the official name of the makeup remover product.
The four Runners-Up will receive a $25 Whip Hand Cosmetics Gift Certificate and a free 8 oz. bottle of the makeup remover when it’s released.
For more information on the Whip Hand Cosmetics “Fame Your Name” Contest, including officials rules, please visit

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  1. Thanks so much for promoting our contest Janine! Looking forward to some fab names from your readers ... Riese @ Whip Hand Cosmetics.