Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun Look with NYX Cosmetics and Dior Mascara

Hello My BA Beauties. Today , I was talking with one of my BA Beauties , Von Kitty via skype and we were just randomly playing with our makeup. While talking to her, I decided to play with my NYX cosmetics Studio Liquid Liner  in extreme smoky gray, then the NYX cosmetics jumbo eye pencil in Milk and of course ,my Dior show Waterproof Mascara in Noir.

I created just a simple eye line with a wing and just used mascara.
See closeup...simple right

Side face... I have on the NYX cosmetics soft matte lip cream in Tokyo

Another closeup
Side View
So BA Beauties , whatcha think? simple yet effective

Talk soon girlies

Be Gorgeous. Be Wonderful. Be You.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello My BA Beauties. Well today , I received a gift in the mail. I have become an official JULEP MAVEN!!!!!!!  This is exciting especially since I am a self proclaimed nail polish junkie so what better way to feed my addiction.  I had signed up for Julep Maven when they were running their 1 cent special. 
I figured whats a penny to try something I have seen nothing but great reviews about and I am not disappointed. Let us check the packaging

My Goodie Box
I know the pics are a bit bright but  it is night time  and I  wanted to show you all I received.

My Welcome Letter :)
My VIP Treatment letter
My Gifts are beautifully wrapped and secured in great bubble wrap

Here are all my gifts :D
I feel so special and I am an official Maven. My style is Classic with a twist which is just about right.  My Introductory Maven Box  included 1) Julep Glow on Age Defying Hand brightener, 2) Taylor Julep Nail Vernis ( perfect periwinkle creme), 3) Maya Julep Nail Vernis ( peachy pink seashell) and a sample size of Julep everyday hand cream in SPF 30

What I do love about Julep Maven is even with what your profile quiz come out with , you do have the opportunity to choose other profile styles if you prefer the other colors. It is very nice that you do have that option.  The monthly service costs $19.99 which is fantastic considering you are receiving over $40 worth of products, receive 20% off all purchases and get exclusive access to Julep Maven Online events.

For my BA Beauties that are nail polish fiends like myself, I submit Julep Maven to become a part of your life. Just Click Julep Maven  .

Enjoy my lovelies


Talk soon my Beauties :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Purple and Green.... well make purple and green :)

Hello My BA Beauties. Hope this day is finding you all well. Today it is quite cold in NYC so I decided to have a little fun with my nails.

The lovely colors used today were Rags to riches from Rimmel London and NYC color in Park avenue.
My first issue is my own... I need to stop doing other things immediately after I do my nails. Created a wonderful smudge and had to re-do. ( I know some of you have felt this and know this pain)

Now I am trying to be a better blogger for my followers so I am including the cost of the nail polishes just in case you may want to pick them up for yourselves.

Rimmel London rags to riches can be found at Ulta for $3.99 and NYC Color Prince Street can be found ( well for me at a drugstore called Duane Reade) for $1.99. But for you lovelies I have included the NYC color Link  and they have a store finder so you can find close to you.

I do hope you do enjoy my alter. Just trying to keep myself bright and happy on this cold day.


Talk soon my Beauties 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Esty Shop - Iris Jane... I have a new Accessories resource

Hello my BA Beauties. Today is a golden day. First, I received my makeup from NYX cosmetics which is did in my UBER HAUL Video above.

But I also received an order from a wonderful Etsy Shop called Iris Jane. This shop was recommended to me by my Sis Dani ( Thank You). Iris Jane has the coolest accessories around. Let me show Ya what I got.

First I fell in love with the packaging. I received it in a non-padded envelope but Iris Jane protected everything I ordered  and included a note Thanking me for my order and hoping I love everything.

See the amazing Black and White Paper.. Very Nice touch

My Note :):)

OWLS ARE MY FAVS... Aren't they cute??????

Yes I know own Vinyl again :)

BUTTONS!!!! I love em


 What I love about Iris Jane is not only are her accessories gorgeous but her price points are so affordable. Starting from $4.75 to about $15.00 depending on the item, you really should not pass her up.

Click here for her shop ------->  Iris Jane

My BA Beauties... If you love eclectic and fun accessories, please go visit Iris Jane. You will love it.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beauty Army Inaugural Kit for January

Hey my BA Beauties. Hope your day is going amazing. Today I received my Beauty Army Kit. WOO HOO .
I am so happy I was one of the first 300 to be able to receive it. Just to do a quick re-hash of how beauty army works. You sign up on the website BeautyArmy, create your account and fill out a beauty profile. Once you do, it gives you choices of what your 6 samples will be. What makes Beauty Army unique is that you have the ability to either choose your samples or have stylists choose for you.

if you choose your samples, you will know exactly what you are receiving so no real surprise or disappointments.  I opened my kit and proceeded to looks at my goodies.
I received Chella Anti Fatigue eye mask Kit,  Control Corrective Botanical Soothing Cream with SPF 30, Myfacecosemtics eyeshadow in Morococo blingtone, Boo Boo Cover-up Concealer, Lift Lab Lift and Firm Eye cream and SheaTerra Organics Rose Hips Deep Pore  Facial Cleanser.
Now I know what your thinking, ( insert thought bubble) Jan, why did you choose so many beauty items for the face. Not like you are old or your skin looks bad or anything.
 ((( love yall)))

The reason why I chose so many types of things for the face is because I do have some skin concerns and having the ability to test items that have so truly higher price points for 12 bucks is not too shabby.
 If you lovelies take a look at the price for the full size for the items I have chosen, you will realize how much I am saving.

I am truly excited to try all these products and do a reassessment of how each works for me.

To all my BA beauties, I do hope that you all will sign up for beauty army. Let em know who referred you :)


Talk Soon My Beauties :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Beauty On a Budget

Hey my BA Beauties ( yes I gave y'all a nickname). I hope your new year celebrations were fun, magical and that you looked amazing. As for Moi, the BA herself, I watched the Twilight Zone marathon.
Don't judge me :)
Now on the reason for this post. Two days ago, I was on FB talking to a friend who I am in group with.
The talk began regular and then we got on the topic of makeup.

She like me is beginning with makeup in her 30's. I did not realize that there were ladies starting with beauty in their 30's as opposed to being younger. I know I had no interest in makeup because my mom rarely wore it and when my grandmother wore it, unfortunately, it did not make her look too attractive.

My friend Jackie (shout out) was telling me about where she is beginning. She went to Mac because she know the brand and truthfully with makeup, I would suggest going to a brand or name you love. I went to Sephora for my foundation journey because going to my local drugstores, I can browse color till the cows come home and still not be sure what I should get. Honestly, I do not feel like spending more than I need to find my right color.

As we talked further, she told me how she found the wonderful Naked palette  from Urban Decay but saw that it cost $48. I then recommended to her the NYX Nude palette
 which has more nude and neutral colors than the naked palette and the price point is lower at $25.

After that, we began to talk about more eyeshadow palettes and I recommended the 144 eyeslipsface palette for $15.00  She was excited and thought she could never own a palette with so many colors.

So what I am saying my BA Beauties is have fun with the expensive brands and have fun with inexpensive brands and have fun with drugstore brands. I know there are some who already know this but I am speaking to those that see beauty sometimes as daunting and to those that are just starting out.

Find the brands you love and find stuff that is comparable to your expensive brands. I also recommend one of my new favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap. This is an amazing blog to finding deals on drug store brands and should be bookmarked.

***** Remember loves, makeup is fun***************


Talk soon my BA Beauties. :)