Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beauty Army Inaugural Kit for January

Hey my BA Beauties. Hope your day is going amazing. Today I received my Beauty Army Kit. WOO HOO .
I am so happy I was one of the first 300 to be able to receive it. Just to do a quick re-hash of how beauty army works. You sign up on the website BeautyArmy, create your account and fill out a beauty profile. Once you do, it gives you choices of what your 6 samples will be. What makes Beauty Army unique is that you have the ability to either choose your samples or have stylists choose for you.

if you choose your samples, you will know exactly what you are receiving so no real surprise or disappointments.  I opened my kit and proceeded to looks at my goodies.
I received Chella Anti Fatigue eye mask Kit,  Control Corrective Botanical Soothing Cream with SPF 30, Myfacecosemtics eyeshadow in Morococo blingtone, Boo Boo Cover-up Concealer, Lift Lab Lift and Firm Eye cream and SheaTerra Organics Rose Hips Deep Pore  Facial Cleanser.
Now I know what your thinking, ( insert thought bubble) Jan, why did you choose so many beauty items for the face. Not like you are old or your skin looks bad or anything.
 ((( love yall)))

The reason why I chose so many types of things for the face is because I do have some skin concerns and having the ability to test items that have so truly higher price points for 12 bucks is not too shabby.
 If you lovelies take a look at the price for the full size for the items I have chosen, you will realize how much I am saving.

I am truly excited to try all these products and do a reassessment of how each works for me.

To all my BA beauties, I do hope that you all will sign up for beauty army. Let em know who referred you :)


Talk Soon My Beauties :)


  1. Is this really worth $120? Beauty Army is as good idea. I really like the fact that you can pick the items but I kinda like the element of surprise.

    Check my blog, it has a new post :D

  2. Hey Bookgirl. Honestly , I feel it is worth the 12/month or the 120/year. Though you have the ability to choose your samples, you also have the ability to let their experts choose for you.