Why I am Here

Hey Superfly Gorgeous ones. My name is Jan and I am a self proclaimed Beauty Amateur. Makeup and I have never been close friends. I used it back when I was trying to model (semi epic fail) and then only when I needed to go out. As of about a week ago, I began scouring Youtube and came across some phenomenal females who made makeup not so bad a friend. I then made the conscious decision that makeup and I will become friends. So I am taking baby steps.

I currently am on a natural hair journey so it only seemed like a natural progression to get into beauty. Now I know that sounds weird ( Natural then you wanna wear makeup) but I am looking for products to enhance this Visage ( big word) of mine. I began scouring the net looking for beauty websites and beauty resources. I made accounts on all the major makeup companies and even some I have never even heard of. I am making a conscious effort to be as informed as possible.

So Far , its been a blast and i hope who ever is reading this will enjoy this journey as much as I am.