Friday, June 12, 2015

Dry and Itchy scalp days are over

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I was lucky enough to be chosen to test out the Head and Shoulders Moisture care line from

I have always had scalp issues since I was young. I realized that I had dry scalp due to being African american and having naturally red hair.

Also , one of the cool aspects is that my boyfriend who is Caucasian suffers from flaky and dry scalp as well so we both got to try this out.

It is actually a god send. ( I know that sounds like high praise)  Realize that when you have been going through your whole life with heavily oiling your scalp and drinking all this water ( even though water is great for you) and nothing working, you begin to settle into the belief that you will have to deal with this problem for the rest of your life.

I will not gross you out with the before photos because I do not like the flakes( I really don't) but here is an after my first shampoo

No I am sure you can see some bits of white further back but that was what was left after shampooing with the moisture care 2 in 1

.I sometime flaked so bad I thought I had cradle cap or eczema of the scalp. I really could just pull it off  just so it would not show up every time I combed my hair. the first thing I noticed while shampooing was the tingle which I expected . After all, most shampoos that are made to take care of flaky or dry scalp has a bit of medicine to help with the issue. What I appreciated most about the 2 in 1 is the fact that is has vitamin E rich almond oil and Coconut essence ( both which are extremely great for hair). My scalp felt better right after the first use.

I then used the scalp soother. This has peppermint oil and vitamin e as well. My scalp felt refreshed. It was kinda of the same feeling when you chew peppermint gum or use peppermint toothpaste. Just felt really clean.

My boyfriend on the other hand had a bit of a different feeling. I am not tender headed meaning most things done to my scalp or hair doesn't cause me to shriek out in pain or have an adverse reaction. My boyfriend however is just a little bit tender headed so using the scalp soother after the Co wash did give him a little bit of a burning sensation.  Now before any freaks out , it only lasted a few seconds so I am under the belief it was because when your pores are open, anything can happen.

What we both noticed is that the flakes took about 2 weeks truly to come back and even then , they did not come back in full force. In fact, the more we use the shampoo, the less flakes we are seeing which is why I do enjoy the products so much.

I highly recommend this product for anyone with visible flakes and dry scalp. Also the scalp soother is great the use in between shampoos to help maintain.

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