Sunday, February 26, 2012

Internal Beauty - Goal Day

Hey My BA beauties . Today I decided to yell at myself. Now before you think I'm crazy understand, procrastination and I have been bosom buddies for entirely too long.  I made a goal list general and date specific.

I had to make this list because my brain goes literally 100 miles a minute with thoughts and ideas and then I get distracted. I blame myself partially but I realized, if I am ever going to accomplish anything, i need to see it hence the list. My printer wanted to give me issues but I got through it and printed up my ideas, goals. All of the specific has dates and/or time frames because the best way to do things sometimes is to give yourself an actual time frame.

My Lovelies who may have some procrastination issues, take some times today and set some goals. They can big and small. Big ones are easily broken down into smaller more doable pieces .

I have seen something online called creating S.M.A.R.T goals .

The acronym stands for S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Attainable, R- Realistic and T- Tangible.

The acronym makes goal setting better and a bit easier.

So my loves, I submit goal setting as part of your internal beauty process.

Talk to you Lovelies soon !!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

OPI- Holland Collection - well a few of 'em

Hey my Lovelies. As most of you know, I am a nail polish fiend. So believe I was more than overjoyed that OPI has introduced a new Collection known as the Holland Collection.

Now as you can tell from the picture above, there are wide variety of colors with names such as " I don't give a rotterdam, Vampsterdam , thanks a windmillion and so on. Each has a reference to something found in Holland.
With me, I am choosy with my nail colors. I am true lover of blues, purples, browns, pearlesque and greens. Reds and pinks are not found too much in my nail polish collection because I do not really care for them. I find them just a little too potent  on my nails.

My sister sent me a beauty care package and bought me Wooden Shoe like to know which is a great brown with gold flecks. First, the formula is amazing. It held up so well and I judge nail polishes by this because my job causes epic challenges on my manicures.
 I decided to go out and purchase two more from this collection - Vamptsterdam and I Don't give a Rotterdam.

I Don't Give a Rotterdam
Both applied very well and look amazing. I will probably be purchasing a couple of the green colors for the collection since green is in this spring. So for my nail polish lovers, may I suggest adding the Holland collection your own personal collection.

Talk soon my lovelies.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review of Smashbox Cosmetics Try it kit

Hello My BA Beauties and welcome to another installment of my POV :) ( insert giggle here)

I treated my self to a buying craze at Smashbox Cosmetics and bought great items to add to my Makeup collection. Part of my Vday gift to myself was purchasing the Smashbox Try it Kit. The kit cost only $19 though the value of it stated is $52 and I can see why.

 You receive .25 fl oz of Photo finish foundation primer, .02 fl ox of the Photo Finish Lid primer, .13fl oz of Hyperlash mascara in Black, Limitless eye liner in Onyx and Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss in Illume .14fl oz. Now since you guys know I am about finding products for those just starting out or getting back into makeup, this is a fabulous kit to purchase.

The primers feel amazing and so light on my skin. Since I have never used a foundation primer before I was not sure exactly what is was for. Smashbox's foundation primer has a lightweight blend of vitamins A and E, Grape Seed extract and Green Tea. It is said to create a great canvas for you to put your foundation on and it can me worn alone or under your foundation. It said to help reduce fine line and reduce pore size.  All I can tell you is it feels amazing on the skin.

Since I already own some of Smashbox's eyeliners, I was already impressed with those so the limitless eye liner was no exception. I am however getting to have more eyeliner in various colors. There is just something creating eye lines is colors just fabulous to me.

The Lip enhancing gloss is gorgeous and so not sticky which I am overjoyed with. It can either be worn alone or used over your fav lipstick.

Now, unfortunately, I did have a bit of an issue with the hyper lash mascara. While the mascara itself is amazing, the applicator is plastic and flexible which wasn't the problem. The problem is how wet the mascara goes on initially. I know most beauties want their mascara to go one and dry quickly. But that's really my only issue.

So lovelies, I submit to you for consideration the Try it kit from smashbox. Great starter kit.

***** This is my review of what I purchased from Smashbox*******

be gorgeous. be wonderful. be you

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interview With Lush Cosmetics !!!!!

Hey my BA Beauties.. Today I went on an interview at Lush Cosmetics in Union Square in NYC.

The first thing I noticed was that is was called a hiring party and they mean it. The manager Rachel created an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Her attitude was completely infectious. Also, I met Adam, who is an outstanding employee from Philadelphia and Lydia who is a senior key holder who is from San Francisco. Adam is an actor and has such an upbeat and fun personality and Lydia who is from San Francisco is fun yet a little low key.
The group overall was fantastic. Most of the people interviewing has lush in their lives on the daily so I have a pretty good feeling they will be hired. Using and being about the brand is a HUGE plus. Everyone though was genuinely friendly and honestly and its show the type of atmosphere that Lush is trying to keep and cultivate.
During the process, we were split into two groups to learn more about how to sell the products. The first was working with Adam discussing the Bath bombs. ( I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE BATH BOMBS). Adam was like they make it fun when they are showing someone how the beads work  and the whole store gets hyped up.  The Fizz banger bath bomb... fizzy and creamy.. in love :D

After that , we went to the shower care area, I got to experience rub a dub. ((((MY GOODNESS))) my arm feels amazing.  you also need to be very comfortable in touching or reaching out to people so they can experience it for themselves.  Most people who come in to Lush should not be afraid to have the associates give them  a demonstration of the product.
Then my group was transferred to Lydia was showing us skincare line. We got to play with Ocean Salt , face and body scrub. (((My god so creamy and thick))). And the tone and then moisturizer. My goodness amazing.

I will say the overall experience was quite refreshing and anyone who gets to interview definitely bring your personality and love of the brand.  I had fun and I cannot say that for most interviews.

Have a great day lovelies.