Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's GiveAway for Reaching 100 Twitter Followers --- CLOSED

 UPDATED 1-31-12



Hey Loves. For reaching 100 Twitter followers, I decided to have a giveaway.  WOOO HOOOO

The giveaway prize is the NYX cosmetics Makeup Artist Kit and a nude lip palette.  I decided since I am newbie to help someone else out with a kit that encompasses 
 35 eye shadows, 5 blushes, 5 lip colors, 2 dual-shaded bronzers, a highlight and contour powder, 2 sponge applicators, 1 lip applicator and 1 blush brush. Slide-out compartments makes this palette ideal for travel. Applicators and mirror included.

Not a bad prize right :)

The giveaway runs from January 1st till January 31st.  
Winner will be announced on February 1st, 2012. 

Rules of the giveaway: 

  • You must be a subscriber to my Youtube channel BeautyAmateur
  •  You must be a subscriber to my Blog
  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you love about NYX cosmetics, beauty, makeup in general or your Favorite thing about it becoming a  New Year  is. & your Youtube username.
  • Use rafflecopter widget to complete your entries
  •  you can enter once a day

The contest is open to US residents and to all ages, if you are under 18 please have a parents permission to give me your address.

The winner will be chosen using
 The winner will be contacted through Youtube private message & will have 24 hours to respond. If the winner doesn't respond withing 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.

Contest ends 1/31/12 at 12:00pm EST

Open to U.S. Residents only 
(sorry my international beauties but dont worry my next one I will make worldwide.)
CLICK ON THE READ MORE TO DO THE rafflecopter part for the giveaway 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elf Nail Polishes---- New Formulas

Hello my Beauties.  I know you are aware that I had my E.L.F. haul recently. I decided to do my nails with E.L.F's new formula.
The colors I used today are Dark Navy and Metal Madness. I did not notice until the dark navy has sparkles in it until I put on my nails. What I will say is the navy is really beautiful, a fabulous navy with sparkles.  I wanted to add a little more sparkle so I put one coat of the metal madness on top of the Navy.

Even though I never got to try E.L.F old nail formulas , I will say these new formulas are not too thick. It is really in my humble opinion on par with my Sally Hansen colors.

Did a top coat of OPI and here is the result


STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 Twitter FOLLOWERS!!!!!! woo hoo

I know it may not mean much to yall but it means a lot to me. I made a 100 followers  on twitter!!!

I am totally excited since this my Beauty Amateur Twitter has only been around for about 2 weeks. This is extremely  EXCITING  for me !!!  I want to say thank you every last one of my followers. This means a lot and I hope to really form some great friendships.

Click on the link below to become  part of my tweet family!!!!/BeautyAmateur

STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I am an official ELF- Ette - My Elf Haul

Hey Beauties. Yesterday, Santa came a little early and delivered my ELF order.  YEAH!!!!!

here is the website
I ordered a 32 piece eyeshadow Palette in Warm
 4 Nail polishes
a set of 12 professional brushes.

Most images here I have taken except the one with the brushes since I took them out of their plastic :)
Here is the 32 piece set with Applicator brush ( I love how they always give the smallest applicator brushes)

Here are the swatches going from top to bottom ( Forgive my hairy arms ) ;D

 The first row has the lightest of the warm shades . There are no color names ( unfortunately)
 Second row gets warmer
 Third row has the warmest

last row contains the darkest colors from gray to black

I also purchased there new formulas Nail Polishes in four colors

from left to right : Metal Madness, Dark Navy, Golden Goddess and Mint Cream. I will do a blog post when I do my nails again.

Here are the makeup brushes I purchased

I am a happy little elf-ette and I cannot wait till i can do my first makeup tutorial.

STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ladies, Are you ready for a Revolution???? Join The Beauty Army

Hey Lovelies of the World. It is time to get ready for revolution.  The Beauty world is undergoing a change and I hope you are ready.

Introducing " BEAUTY ARMY"
To become part of this army is actually pretty easy. Probably easier than any enlistment in real life :)


Join the Beauty Revolution!
Our Army is a elite group of beauty enthusiasts who like to try before they buy!  Beauty Army is a monthly premium beauty sampling subscription service that allows our members the choice to choose:  Choose your own samples or have us choose for you.  Giving our members the option to choose their own kit prevents waste and disappointment; you will never receive unwanted products!

Simply click the “Sign Up” page on your computer or mobile device to get started!  After answering a few beauty questions, we will recommend a selection of samples for you to choose up to 6.

The multilevel personalization, you choose or we choose for you, comes at the same value:  $12 monthly or pay for 1 full year at an 11 kit cost of $132 and receive your 12th kit free!! As always, Beautiful, the shipping fee for your kit is included!

Once your kit ships, you will receive an email with your the tracking number.  To ensure smooth delivery all of our kits will ship USPS First Class, which does not require a signature.  You kits will ship as follows: Order between the 1st and the 15th of the month and your kit will be delivered that month.  Place your order between the 16th and 31st and you will receive you kit in the early part of the next month. We are currently shipping only to the US at this time.

Have you fallen in love with a product in your kit? Make sure you leave a review on our website so the Army can see what you think and don’t forget to stop by the shop and pick up a full size, shipping is a flat fee of $5 per order.  Our membership as well as our store accepts all major credit cards. 

 To Sign Up for this fabulous revolution, click here -------> BeautyArmy
(Image copyright belongs to Beauty Army)

What makes Beauty Army amazing and stand out is what they stand for. Beauty Army is proud to support the Beauty Bus Foundation, an organization that delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women and children and their caregivers through beauty and grooming services and pampering products.  Beauty Bus accomplishes their mission through:  In-Home Beauty and Grooming Services, Pop-Up Salons and the Bag of Beauty Program: Beauty Bus gives complimentary Bags of Beauty filled with pampering products to remind patients and caregivers that they deserve to look and feel beautiful. @BeautyBus

Not only will you look good on the outside but inside you help support a great cause. (That is actually pretty wonderful isn't it?)

More Good Stuff ( just keeps getting better and better)

There is a rewards program...OOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHH!!!!

We have an exciting Rewards program based on Beauty Badges!

Each new member will receive a Cadet Badge which gets you 10% your first order. You will receive an email with a promo code to use.

A Recruiter Badge is earned when you get 5 of your friends to become members. The Recruiter badge will get you one free month!
The Captain Badge is earned when you fill out your fifth brand survey. You get free shipping on your next full size order.

The Major Badge is earned when you’ve referred five friends AND filled out five brand surveys. You get 15% of your next full size order.

So Beautifuls... are we getting synced to join this revolution? I know I am. I created a video on youtube  so please check it out.

I need some new recruits. Join up at and Sign up!!!! Once you do, Go to their Facebook Page and let them know" I have joined the revolution thanks to  the"
It is just that easy


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Glittery Hottie Nails - Don't be jealous ;)

Hello Lovelies..  Today is manicure day (at least for me).  I am kind of proud because my sinful color manicure last week in color Shausha #114 actually held up pretty well.  I was feeling a little more festive today and decided my nails should sparkle.

My Manicure today consists of :

Perfection and Cutex Nail Polish removers
Vaseline Intensive rescue repairing moisture lotion
Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green tea + Olive growth
Sinful Colors Professional in Color Hottie # 831
OPI Top Coat

1st - removed the old nail polish. I actually had to use two removers because the color was staying more than revlon colorstay :)

2nd : Once I free of polish, to get that remover feel off my hands, I washed them, pat dry with a paper towel and used my Vaseline Lotion to put moisture back in my hands.

3rd: Applied my Sally Hansen Growth Base coat

4th: Applied my first coat of Hottie ( notice how light it is)

5th: After giving a little time to dry, applied my second coat of Hottie

6th: Once dried, applied my OPI top coat to give it some shine

And here is my result: It feels very new year's to me and I love the color blue ( Win win)

Stay Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

OOOOO I have Lashes - Enter DiorShow Waterproof Mascara

Good Morning lovelies.

This is my morning face ( i know not too pretty especially with my Alfalfa spike there but hey). As you can see, you can tell I really do not have many eyelashes (or they are so light they cant be seen).For years , I figured I would never have them and since I wear glasses, not like anyone would see them. Enter Christian Dior Dior Show Mascara. HELLO.... I found this wonderful mascara when I went to Sephora to look for foundation. When my beauty expert Cameron put this on my lashes, I was AMAZED!!!!!

I could not believe I actually had lashes and they made my eyes pop even wearing my specs.

I truly am happy with this Mascara. At Sephora, the retail price is $24.50 which is pricey considering you can get mascara from your local drug store but I was recommended Lash Blast Mascara from Covergirl as a more price friendly substitute.


I was also recommended Benefits "They're Real Mascara" which I want to buy since I was told it is on par with Dior's.


So for all you lovelies who think OMG I will never have lashes and do not wanna go the Latisse route ( changing eye colors and what not) , Please Give Dior Show a try.


You will not regret it.






STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Review of Eye Roller by Frutique Beauty by Nature

Good Morning Loves. I spent half my morning trying to add my YouTube subscription widget and literally I'm done.  The widget shows up on another page but whatever.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.

Now on to the review.

Frutique Beauty by Nature Renew Review ( hey that rhymed) :)

OK I did a review on this my YouTube page

I decided to a little more in-depth review here. First, you can only purchase Beauty By Nature Products at Sally's Beauty Supply. For those of you who may not be near a Sally's, I suggest you go to the website and make an account.  I made this purchase based on two reviews from the site. I have been looking for a puffy eye reducer for a bit and decided to give it a try to I am glad that I did. I know there are  a lot of expensive eye creams that reduced puffiness and diminish dark circles, but I did not have a lot of money to invest. ( not being cheap in the slightest but beauty can get pricey). I decided to try it and see what would happen.

So, I applied it twice a day, once before going to work and once before going to bed. I always felt my eyes look tired because I wer glasses and when I get up, it may not be the prettiest site ( insert ugly pic here ) but what I love about the eye roller is how refreshing my skin around my eye felt. It felt awake  and really that's what I needed to feel.

The key ingredients are Mandarin Orange extract, caffeine and Eyeliss. For those of you who want to know what Eyeliss is, it is defined as Contains three essential peptides that reduce under eye puffiness.

What I love about Fruit by Nature is their philosophy of using fruit and natural ingredients to help your skin be beautiful. I know we are all wanting to go green and no longer have animal testing, especially in the cosmetics and beauty Industry, but it is quite refreshing to see a company do this from the beginning.  For more info, check their website by clicking on Here.

Just In Case you were wondering, no I am not sponsored by Frutique Beauty by Nature. I am just thoroughly enjoying their product and I am looking forward to trying more from them.

STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome to the Beauty Amateur BLOG!!!!!!!

Hey Lovelies.. Welcome to my new Blog Home. This is just my intro blog so here we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So Here I am a 35 yr old female who is going back to loving makeup.  And its not because of my age that I decided to get back into makeup. I have been scouring You-tube and have been posting my own natural hair journey videos. This just seemed like a natural progression.  I literally have subscribed to the almost every  You tube guru established and up and coming.  I have then made accounts with all the beauty places. You guys know Sephora, MAC, Sally's Beauty, Tarte, E.L.F, Nars  and so on.

I have then created accounts on typical Social Media Outlets: Twitter & Facebook

Now I titled it the Amateur because I am starting over but believe I will catch on quickly but I dont mind the name. After all, We as humans are always growing.

Here is where you can find me:

YouTube -

Facebook Fan Page - Beauty Amateur FB

Twitter - Beauty Amateur Twitter

Beautylish Page - Beauty Amateur at Beautylish


I do hope you enjoy my journey.. STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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