Friday, December 16, 2011

I am an official ELF- Ette - My Elf Haul

Hey Beauties. Yesterday, Santa came a little early and delivered my ELF order.  YEAH!!!!!

here is the website
I ordered a 32 piece eyeshadow Palette in Warm
 4 Nail polishes
a set of 12 professional brushes.

Most images here I have taken except the one with the brushes since I took them out of their plastic :)
Here is the 32 piece set with Applicator brush ( I love how they always give the smallest applicator brushes)

Here are the swatches going from top to bottom ( Forgive my hairy arms ) ;D

 The first row has the lightest of the warm shades . There are no color names ( unfortunately)
 Second row gets warmer
 Third row has the warmest

last row contains the darkest colors from gray to black

I also purchased there new formulas Nail Polishes in four colors

from left to right : Metal Madness, Dark Navy, Golden Goddess and Mint Cream. I will do a blog post when I do my nails again.

Here are the makeup brushes I purchased

I am a happy little elf-ette and I cannot wait till i can do my first makeup tutorial.

STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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