Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Off the shoulder - @essie new nail polish for the summer @klout Perk

Hey Lovelies. I have been trying to play catch up on blogging so I can read other blogs this week ( Oh yeah, I read other blogs..I am not self centered ) ;)

Anyhoo, Today's POV is about Essie's New Nail Polish from their Summer Collection. Thanks to my level of Klout (I am sure you guys have heard me talk about this before), I received this beautiful hot pink color from Essie called " Off the Shoulder" (cheeky, right).
I received all the background info about the colors for summer

Off the Shoulder is an amazingly bright hot pink. Now, I usually do not rock pink anything. I know pink is a supposed "girly" color but pink and I have never been close friends. I tried the color and I LOVE IT ( yes bolded and enlarged so you would see).

Yes, I lined it up with the picture cause I'm cool like that
This whole collection became available in June and has a suggested retail of $8.00. For all My Nail polish lovers and Fiends out there, you know what you need to do..

Have a great day loves


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stress related Anti -Aging---- Yeah I think I need it @klout Perk From RoC

Happy Sunday my BA Beauties.  Today, my POV is going to be about a Klout perk I received from RoC Skincare. Just to give my loves a little background RoC skincare has been in existence since 1957 and introduced anti-aging to the United States in 1999 and has been working with dermatologists for years. To find out more about RoC click here .

I received from Klout the perk to try  which was the RoC skincare stress repair night cream.
Here is the box received
I have had this product for approximately 2 weeks. One of the first things I have noticed is how thick the moisturizer is. I am used to seeing and having moisturizers of various color and thickness. I am going to figure the reason why this moisturizer is so thick is because it has 8 hours (hopefully) ti sink into the skin and work its magic.As I have learned through my years of using moisturizers, less is definitely more. I did the 4 dot technique (Forehead, chin, left cheek and right cheek) and then smooth around my face.

See how thick it is

I will say each day I woke up, my skin felt more soft and supple. I do love to laugh a lot so I know I will be getting laugh lines and so far, this cream is keeping them at a healthy bay.  I do recommend this for anyone over the age of 25. It is never to early to start taking care of your skin but I would suggest looking at your skin and see how it is aging.

The jar I is  received is a full size and retails for $24.99. This was actually one of the cool perks received and to be honest, Klout has really linked up with great companies to give some really great perks.

For those of you who may be interested in learning more about Klout, go to

KLOUT CLAUSE Influencer Disclosure

I was given a free product or sample because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today Is a Facial Mask DAY---------------- Review of Lush's Mask Of Magnaminty

Hey Superfly Gorgeous ones. When I woke up today, I felt the need to do a mask.
It smells so Good :D

The mask I am doing is Mask of Magnaminty from Lush Cosmetics. It has honey, peppermint, talc and all these wonderful other ingredients to help cleanse and tone this beautiful face of mine (well, my cute face, not trying to be too vain )
Pre-Mask...Not happy
 So as you can see above, there is my bare face. (I know I dont look happy but I forgot to smile)

Here is the lovely Mask.. Isn't pretty?

Smiling and Masked up

I wet my face first, then applied the mask. I would suggest doing this only because Mask Of Magnaminty is thick so without a little water, it may be a bit difficult to apply.

I let the mask sit on my visage aka face for about 10 minutes. What I love is how great my skin felt as the mask tightened and dried.

Here I am after rinsing
 My skin after rinsing feels toned, tighter and just refreshed.

I recommend this for most skin types. If your skin is on the sensitive side, you may want to just leave the mask on for 5 minutes.

Now to go show my fresh face to the world. Have a great day loves.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

TLC for the feet - A little T for Toes and Stepping Stone

Hello My Beauties. I do hope June has started out well for all of you. Today's POV is about taking care of my feet.  Since the warm weather is upon us, toesies and feet are making their appearance.  My feet however needed to get in tip top shape.

Yes I have to paint my toe nails..Don't judge me

To help get my feet to exposing themselves to the world condition, I invested in Lush Cosmetics' T for Toes and Stepping Stone Pumice.

1st: While taking a bath, I used of my Stepping stone to exfoliate my feet.
Stepping Stone

 When I say part I mean part I do mean part. It has a sodium bicarbonate base. If water gets in contact with the whole stone, it will waste away under the water. It breaks up fairly easily so a small part will exfoliate both feet.
The stone has jojoba oil, lemon oil and lime oil and pumice. Your feet will be smoothed and moisturized at the same time.  (Do not worry about playing slip and slide while trying to get out the shower)

Powder for the Toes

2nd: Once you pat yourself dry, sprinkle some T for Toes on not only the toes, but the whole foot. T for Toes is this wonderful foot powder has sodium bicarbonate and China clay to keep the feet dry while the Tea Tree and lime help with the antibacterial and anti fungal.

Once I did this, my feet are summer ready especially for this wonderful NY heat.

Hope all my lovelies are keeping their toes in great shape and ready for the summer.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tame this Mane - Review of Smooth 'N Shine Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer

Hey My Beautifuls. I hope all is well in your worlds. As a new bzzagent, I had the opportunity to try a new product from Smooth 'N Shine's Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer.

 Now just to inform my loves, I have been natural for 2 years and though I am not going back to relaxing my hair, but my curls are extremely tight (4C) and I would love them just to be looser.
Before Shot

Since I received this product, I decided why not give it a try. For those that may not be familiar with going natural, trying everything under the sun to get the hair to where you want it to be an look like can be a chore ( to say that least). Now , the product states its smooths & controls  with up to 5X less damage than relaxers.  It says after 1 use, you can go to straight look ( with hair dryer and flat iron) and wash& go manageable curls.

1st: You have to shampoo your hair. They suggest using a clarifying shampoo but any will do and you should shampoo your hair twice.

2nd: Put on the protective plastic gloves and begin applying the protein smoothing treatment. You should section  your hair into 4 sections and apply the smoother from nape of neck and then from roots to ends. What worked well for me is applying a little at a time. Believe, there is plenty of smoother in that 4 fl oz tube. Once you have applied to whole head, you leave it on for 25 minutes. Using a wide toothed plastic comb, comb through all the smoother so it reaches every root and ends of your hair

Application..notice how my curls are extended
3rd: After the 25 minutes are up, rinse thoroughly for about 5 to 8 minutes make sure all the smoother is completely gone.  After this step, apply all of step 2 which is the neutralizing milk. They say use ALL OF IT so I did. The milk has to stay on your head for 10 minutes. I found that interesting considering you left the smoother on for 25 minutes but hey, I follow instructions.

Right after rinsing the milk out.

4th: Rinse the milk out completely. That is about 5 to 8 minutes. Once done, towel dry and proceed to style accordingly. They tell you to use a dryer and flatiron to get the straightness that you want but since I did not want straight, I basically used  Extenzz, which is a curl enhancer to show my curls and moisturize and prevent curls from shrinking.

After milk and application of Extenzz.
Overall, I did like the effect only because I love that my curls are not so tight and my hair is fuller and my curly fro is an actual curly fro. My hair felt softer after the Milk but because my hair soaks up moisture like a sponge, I do need to have additional moisture. One thing was they provide was the deep recovery conditioner which was not called for during application so I am going to assume that it can be used the next time you wash your hair.

FYI: they do advise to not wash your hair for three days after application and no wearing of headbands or rubber bands for 48hrs.

If you wish to learn more about becoming a BzzAgent go to Bzzagent

Have a great day beautifuls