Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Off the shoulder - @essie new nail polish for the summer @klout Perk

Hey Lovelies. I have been trying to play catch up on blogging so I can read other blogs this week ( Oh yeah, I read other blogs..I am not self centered ) ;)

Anyhoo, Today's POV is about Essie's New Nail Polish from their Summer Collection. Thanks to my level of Klout (I am sure you guys have heard me talk about this before), I received this beautiful hot pink color from Essie called " Off the Shoulder" (cheeky, right).
I received all the background info about the colors for summer

Off the Shoulder is an amazingly bright hot pink. Now, I usually do not rock pink anything. I know pink is a supposed "girly" color but pink and I have never been close friends. I tried the color and I LOVE IT ( yes bolded and enlarged so you would see).

Yes, I lined it up with the picture cause I'm cool like that
This whole collection became available in June and has a suggested retail of $8.00. For all My Nail polish lovers and Fiends out there, you know what you need to do..

Have a great day loves


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