Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today's POV...... Review of Curl Junkie's Smoothing Lotion Leave in Conditioner

Hey My Beauties. My apologies in posting delays.  Today's POV is about Curl Junkie's Smoothing Leave in Conditioner. Just to give a little background, my hair is like a sponge.
Here I am :D

 It soaks moisture like no one's business but once it has soaked everything, it gets extremely dry. I am talking sahara desert dry. In my quest to find moisturizers that will work all day, I came across Curl Junkie's Smoothing lotion Leave in conditioner. I found this while surfing online. I have had this for awhile but only started using it recently.

This conditioner has Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and sunflower seed oils. The slip is fab on this product. It moisturizers with out my hair feeling sticky ( huge plus) . My application of the product is literally to wet my hair and then apply. I usually apply a fair amount ( more than a quarter size big) because my hair is quite thick and dense and I want all my curls and coils to get as much moisture as possible.

Once done with application, I just fluff my hair out. My curls feel better and my scalp feels moisturized and this what I need.

I will actually being doing a blog on each item I use in my hair so for my curl girls that are looking for moisture and curl definition I hope these blogs will help.


Be Gorgeous. Be Wonderful. Be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oooh I always love to hear about great moisturizers. my hair is a sponge too!

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