Monday, November 4, 2013

Great snack for my new healthy consciousness

I know you lovelies saw yesterday that  I have started my gym regimen. Well , My sister ( that's what I call her) has her own granola business. She makes the most delicious granola I have ever had.  The granola is handmade and made to your specifications.

Her site is You can choose your carats and gemstones. I personally love that she calls the ingredients that just so it feels more special.

I was lucky enough to get a bar named after me but I recommend you lovelies place an order and try for yourselves.

You will not regret it .

 Be Wonderful. Be Gorgeous. Be You.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Back to Fitness...

Hey My Beauties!!!  I do hope that fall has been going well for most of you. I have been in the Midwest now for 3 months and it has been a transition. My job has been running me ragged so no real time to get myself into a workout routine.

I have not been in a gym in about 9 years. Though I have worked out off and on, i need to get back to being healthy.

I joined Planet Fitness a week ago and I went there today for the first time today. I decided for my own personal reasons to start slow. Being what is considered "looking healthy" doesn't necessarily mean you are.

I did the treadmill for 30 mins and then 15 mins of triceps.

I know I have to tackle getting in shape slowly but it was totally worth it. I got my burst of post workout energy and did my household chores afterwards.

What I do love about Planet Fitness is that there is no judging. Everyone is there to get themselves in shape and whatever that means to them.

I look forward to doing different workout everyday and getting myself up to an hour a day. I am realistic and since this will be new for me again, I am not going to drive myself crazy.

Be Gorgeous. Be Wonderful, Be You.