Saturday, June 9, 2012

TLC for the feet - A little T for Toes and Stepping Stone

Hello My Beauties. I do hope June has started out well for all of you. Today's POV is about taking care of my feet.  Since the warm weather is upon us, toesies and feet are making their appearance.  My feet however needed to get in tip top shape.

Yes I have to paint my toe nails..Don't judge me

To help get my feet to exposing themselves to the world condition, I invested in Lush Cosmetics' T for Toes and Stepping Stone Pumice.

1st: While taking a bath, I used of my Stepping stone to exfoliate my feet.
Stepping Stone

 When I say part I mean part I do mean part. It has a sodium bicarbonate base. If water gets in contact with the whole stone, it will waste away under the water. It breaks up fairly easily so a small part will exfoliate both feet.
The stone has jojoba oil, lemon oil and lime oil and pumice. Your feet will be smoothed and moisturized at the same time.  (Do not worry about playing slip and slide while trying to get out the shower)

Powder for the Toes

2nd: Once you pat yourself dry, sprinkle some T for Toes on not only the toes, but the whole foot. T for Toes is this wonderful foot powder has sodium bicarbonate and China clay to keep the feet dry while the Tea Tree and lime help with the antibacterial and anti fungal.

Once I did this, my feet are summer ready especially for this wonderful NY heat.

Hope all my lovelies are keeping their toes in great shape and ready for the summer.



  1. Defo going to invest in T for toes! Looks fab!


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