Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interview With Lush Cosmetics !!!!!

Hey my BA Beauties.. Today I went on an interview at Lush Cosmetics in Union Square in NYC.

The first thing I noticed was that is was called a hiring party and they mean it. The manager Rachel created an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Her attitude was completely infectious. Also, I met Adam, who is an outstanding employee from Philadelphia and Lydia who is a senior key holder who is from San Francisco. Adam is an actor and has such an upbeat and fun personality and Lydia who is from San Francisco is fun yet a little low key.
The group overall was fantastic. Most of the people interviewing has lush in their lives on the daily so I have a pretty good feeling they will be hired. Using and being about the brand is a HUGE plus. Everyone though was genuinely friendly and honestly and its show the type of atmosphere that Lush is trying to keep and cultivate.
During the process, we were split into two groups to learn more about how to sell the products. The first was working with Adam discussing the Bath bombs. ( I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE BATH BOMBS). Adam was like they make it fun when they are showing someone how the beads work  and the whole store gets hyped up.  The Fizz banger bath bomb... fizzy and creamy.. in love :D

After that , we went to the shower care area, I got to experience rub a dub. ((((MY GOODNESS))) my arm feels amazing.  you also need to be very comfortable in touching or reaching out to people so they can experience it for themselves.  Most people who come in to Lush should not be afraid to have the associates give them  a demonstration of the product.
Then my group was transferred to Lydia was showing us skincare line. We got to play with Ocean Salt , face and body scrub. (((My god so creamy and thick))). And the tone and then moisturizer. My goodness amazing.

I will say the overall experience was quite refreshing and anyone who gets to interview definitely bring your personality and love of the brand.  I had fun and I cannot say that for most interviews.

Have a great day lovelies.


  1. Sounds awesome!! Hope you get it!!

  2. Oh how I wish we had a Lush in our town. Good luck Hope you get the job!

  3. Love Lush! I hope you get it!