Monday, January 9, 2012

Beauty On a Budget

Hey my BA Beauties ( yes I gave y'all a nickname). I hope your new year celebrations were fun, magical and that you looked amazing. As for Moi, the BA herself, I watched the Twilight Zone marathon.
Don't judge me :)
Now on the reason for this post. Two days ago, I was on FB talking to a friend who I am in group with.
The talk began regular and then we got on the topic of makeup.

She like me is beginning with makeup in her 30's. I did not realize that there were ladies starting with beauty in their 30's as opposed to being younger. I know I had no interest in makeup because my mom rarely wore it and when my grandmother wore it, unfortunately, it did not make her look too attractive.

My friend Jackie (shout out) was telling me about where she is beginning. She went to Mac because she know the brand and truthfully with makeup, I would suggest going to a brand or name you love. I went to Sephora for my foundation journey because going to my local drugstores, I can browse color till the cows come home and still not be sure what I should get. Honestly, I do not feel like spending more than I need to find my right color.

As we talked further, she told me how she found the wonderful Naked palette  from Urban Decay but saw that it cost $48. I then recommended to her the NYX Nude palette
 which has more nude and neutral colors than the naked palette and the price point is lower at $25.

After that, we began to talk about more eyeshadow palettes and I recommended the 144 eyeslipsface palette for $15.00  She was excited and thought she could never own a palette with so many colors.

So what I am saying my BA Beauties is have fun with the expensive brands and have fun with inexpensive brands and have fun with drugstore brands. I know there are some who already know this but I am speaking to those that see beauty sometimes as daunting and to those that are just starting out.

Find the brands you love and find stuff that is comparable to your expensive brands. I also recommend one of my new favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap. This is an amazing blog to finding deals on drug store brands and should be bookmarked.

***** Remember loves, makeup is fun***************


Talk soon my BA Beauties. :)


  1. I like that, "Makeup is fun." I wish more people felt that way b/c it really is not something to take so seriously, considering if you mess up, you can wash it off & start over.
    Well done!

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  3. You are right! makeup is fun. i know some girls make to complicated or make it all about what brands you are wearing. :/
    Following you know :)
    Great Blog