Sunday, March 11, 2012

Want Your Bod to feel like Butter.... Review of Burt's Bees Honey, Almond & Shea Body butter

Hey my Loves. Welcome of to another installment of my P.O.V.  Today, I am going to talk about Burt's Bees Honey, Almond and Shea Body Butter. I received this body butter as part of set in a giveaway I had won a couple months back. One of the reason for the delay in review is because I already have Vaseline intensive rescue repairing moisture lotion (which by the way, I love) but I have to say, this body butter is thick and feels really good.

Size shown is 6.5oz/185g
Be warned. When I say thick, I mean it. Be careful how much you apply.

 My suggestion is not to scoop too much out or you will be rubbing into your skin for a bit.  Once applied, your skin will feel amazing and you will smell like a candy bar (specifically an almond joy)

See how thick and creamy that is ?

I have seen some reviews on this on but since I have not tried the older formulation, I can only give you my opinion on the current one.

I will warn that if you are not into fragrance, you may want to pass up this butter. The fragrance does last for a while and you will probably hear comments such as " What is that lovely smell?'

I submit for you  trying assessment , the Burt's bees Honey, Almond and Shea body butter


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