Friday, March 2, 2012

We all Need a lil Alloy in our lives.

Hey my beauty loves. This P.O.V. is about my love for Alloy. For those of you who have seen my affiliations video, you guys are aware that I am now currently affiliated with Alloy. Now, before you start yelling and screaming, I have been shopping at Alloy for years.  I am a 6'1" female so Alloy is a god send when it comes to having long pants and jeans in my life. Let me just show a few pairs of my denim and pants
Spoon Jeans extended tab size 7 inseam 35"

Paris Jeans size 9 inseam 37'

Cargo Pants size 7 inseam 37"

Standards and Practices Destructed denim Size 5 inseam 37"

Truck flare Jeans size 9 inseam 37"

Four Stars Skirts leggings size s long
As you can see, long and lean pants and jeans.  (I know the sizes are different but I have been going through weight fluctuations, no no I eat of the regular but where I did work, I was on my feet all day and just dropped weight over the last 3 years)

Also, I love Alloy's tops and blouses. They have great basic tees (which every girl needs in her wardrobe) and fabulous over the shoulder tops and blouses.
Basic Tees

Off the shoulder tops

New Button down tanks

Alloy is a Junior and teen clothing company but because I cant find some places that carry pants in length and sizes I need, Alloy has become my friend. The pants fit well. comfortable not to tight and fit amazing. We all know what its like to try and find clothes that fit us beautifully. The best thing about Alloy is the run from sizes 0-25  and then longest inseam of 37" (I know all my leggy beauties love this).

And currently loves they are offering a great set of coupons:

 15% coupon on any order 15% Off ANY Order with code APC15A. Valid 2.16 -3.23.12.

Free shipping on orders over $25  Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 with code APCAFF. Valid 2.16 -3.23.12.

$20 off any order over $75  Take $20 Off ANY Order Over $75 with code 2APCA. Valid 2.16 -3.23.12.

So my beauty loves, I do hope that you take advantage of these great deals and give Alloy a try. If any of you, let me know.


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