Thursday, March 22, 2012

woo Hoo, I got tagged by the lovely Miss Niki

Hey my gorgeous ones. I am doing phenomenal in this tagging game. I got tagged by the lovely Miss Niki. Yes I am so late.. I swear I need to get better at these things.

Here are her lovely questions:

1)  What make-up brush is a must have in your collection? Now since I am fairly new to this wonderful world of makeup, my fav brushes to have is Sigma's performance eyes kit

2)  What is your favorite color to wear on your nails? Nail Polishes are my Achilles heel but my fav color is Purple.

3)  What was it that got you into make-up? I got introduced to it in my modeling days and was rekindled into it last year

4)  Addicted to The Hunger Games?? ((I had to ask a Hunger Games question LOL))  Unfortunately, I have not read of the books ( i must be the only one)

5)  What make-up trend can you live without? All the wonderful use of color and the double winged eyeliner.. So wicked

6)  What is your favorite season and why?  Fall. I love wearing my layers and love my sweaters. It is my season.

7)  Are you a professional make-up artist or self taught? Self taught though I may have to call on some of my pros to help :)

8)  Who is your #1 inspiration and why?  Will always be my mom. SHe always taught me to go for my dreams and never give up

9)  Must have cosmetic brand? Smashbox

10)  Who are your top 3 Favorite Beauty Bloggers? Stephanie of the new beauty review, Lady Sdglitter and Fashionchicsta

11)  Favorite Drugstore Product? Neutrogena oil free makeup remover

Though I wont tag just yet, I wanted to answer Lady Niki's questions.



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