Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What the??? OMG where in the hell did this pimple come from..UH another one

Acne from the inside

Hey my Gorgeous Beauties.  I know you have seen my posts on skincare and do hope it  they have helped some of you. This post is from one of my followers who asked about acne. Acne seems to begin in adolescence and continues it seems throughout most of our lives. Most people I talk to on the regular never expect acne to follow them past their 20's but as of late I am speaking to people in their 30's, 40's and older about breakout concerns.  The pictures that I will post are not going to be pleasant because acne is not very pretty.

Severe case

Now, most of us do not suffer from acne this bad. Again acne has many sources: Hereditary, hormonal, stress, some humidity, sweating, over producing oily glands.

We have all seen the proactive commercials, Neutrogena skin ID, Murad and the like. I am not going to say that they do not work because I have known people who they have worked for. Everyone's skin needs are different.  The most common types are whiteheads and blackheads.

Whiteheads are the glands where the plug is white and black heads where the plug is black. (simple enough)

1st: Never squeeze them!!!!!!.
Squeezing has the potential to cause scarring and create more damage than heal.

2nd: Wash your face with a great cleanser.  Remember when  I did the blogs on what your skin type maybe will help dictate what kind of cleanser to use. 

3rd: Exfoliate. Now, I am not saying you should exfoliate everyday unless your skin can handle it. What is exfoliation does is take of all of the dead skin that is on your skin and giving it a fresh, renewed skin.

4th: Find a on the spot treatment for the whiteheads. Helps to heal them faster and allows you treat them directly.

Now as for blackheads, they may be a bit more difficult to heal them since they seem to be plugged and there is no way to clear them out.  There is a tool for removing blackheads.
Blackhead remover
 This remover will help take out blackheads. Some blackheads are easier to remove than others. Remember our bodies are naturally built to cleanse itself so use this tool sparingly. May I suggest before you use the blackhead remover, swab ends with a bit of alcohol.

Here are few products I recommend.. Clean and Clear, Cetaphil, Neutrogena 2 step treatment, Burts Bees spot treatment, Lush 's greased Lightning spot treatment & Ocean Salt .

These are products I have used and each have done me well. But I have had to adjust my skincare with the seasons so hence why there are so many listed. Hope this helps.



  1. Great tips specially to those want a perfect and beautiful inside and outside looks. But one way to maintain healthy skin is to avoid tanning salons. Indoor tanning salons claim that their method of tanning, by artificial sun, is safer than natural tanning because they mainly use UVA rays and limit the exposure with timers.

  2. Great post, I also have acne. Mine is mostly cleared up, it's those pesky acne scars that are the trouble now haha.
    Found you on the Walkabout Wednesday Blog Hop :]