Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stretched out..Um no you get back there

Hey my lovelies. Today's POV came as a request. This request however is something that is very close to me. The agony of stretch marks. I have had stretch marks since 15 years old. That was when my growth spurt happened and the sides of my thighs show the agony my skin when through. Now even though they didn't hurt, they are a part of me.  I have not thought about getting rid of them, I thought this would be something I need to live with.

Stretch marks are caused by growth spurts, pregnancy, heredity and sudden changes in weight (either gain or loss). Stretch marks also have different colors. When they are fresh, they are either pink, red r purple. For those that have been with you for a
just an example of what set in or older stretch marks look like.

I am sure you have heard about cocoa butter and Shea butter helping to reduce the appearance of them and while they do help, there are few other tips that can help lessen and in some cases, get rid of them.

Now please do not get too excited because some causes for stretch marks that cannot be controlled.

 1) They can be hereditary so with that you will need to lessen the look of them. 

2) Melanin levels - Usually those with more amount are less prone to have them.

Here are few tips that can help lessen:

a) drink plenty of water. Water part of the life itself but will help your skin stay hydrated.

b) Find really moisturizing lotions. Again Cocoa and Shea Butters are fantastic for this. Helps your skin stay moisturized and pliable. Apply these lotions at least 3 to 4 times a day

c) Maintain a diet that has adequate amounts of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B12,  E and C. Theses vitamins are great for the softness and suppleness of your skin.

There are new cosmetic ways to also help speed up the healing process.

 You can get laser treatments. Laser treatments do have some level of effectiveness but again there is a high cost involved with this. Also this procedure is considered cosmetic so your insurance may not cover it. Laser treatments can start from $200 to $800 for each session. Pricing can vary depending on what type of laser and the severity of your stretch marks.

You can also get prescription medication such as Tretinoin cream which can help with the appearance of skin and minimize wrinkles. 

These above methods  require visiting your dermatologist or physician. There is also new talk of micro dermabrasion helping but because it only affects the top layer of skin, it is seen as not being very effective in the removal of stretch marks.

Now, I know this post may seem a little sciencey but I do hope it helps with figuring out how you wish to take care of your stretch marks.  

Have a great night Beauties.



  1. My stretch marks are one of the reasons I refuse to show skin. I've had them since I was a teen, due to extreme weight fluctuations, and since then good lotions have reduced their appearance but needless to say...they still suck.

    This was a great post idea! <3

  2. Hey Jessica. What lotions are you currently using?