Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feeling Like a Oil Slick... Let's dry that up

Good Morning Loves. Today's POV is going to be about Oily skin. Oily skin can make you feel uncomfortable. You feel as if you are just extra shiny and may feel like you look like you are always sweating even when you aren't.

To help combat the problem, I do have a few suggestions.


1)  Find a drying and balancing cleanser. 

Charcoal and coal based cleansers are fantastic for because coal and charcoal are great drying agents that helps suck up any excess oil produced by your sebaceous glands. Remember I said base. It should also contain an essential oil that will help balance so you do not suck all the natural oils you need to give your skin a comfortably moisturized feel and look.
Examples of great balancing essential oils are lavender, rosemary, elemi and juniper.

2) Toner: I cannot stress toner enough.

 Find a toner that again will help suck up excess oil and maintain healthy oil balance. I would suggest finding toners with Tea Tree Water. Tea tree is a great antibacterial that will help clear up any pimples or offending spots. Also find a toner that has an astringent which will help soak up excess sebum. A few natural astringents are most found in the citrus family such as lemon, lime and grapefruit.

3) Moisturize: Now I can already here the arguments. ( Look woman, you told me to get rid of excess oil and NOW you want me to moisturize on my face..PLEASE, make up your mind) . Understand, no matter what your skin's condition, you do need to moisturize. 
Look for moisturizers that contain sebum balancing ingredients like lavender or healing ingredients such as Aloe & witch hazel. Look for the lightest moisturizer as possible. Please do not mistake moisture for oil.

Facial Masks

Everyone should do a facial masks. For my Oily skins beauties, I suggest doing a mask about twice a week.  Find a mask that has antibacterial ingredients like Tea tree, garlic and honey.  

Hope this helps you loves.


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