Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's take care of our Wonderful Skin

Hey My Beauties. I hope this Friday finds you well. I made on post about FaceBook to talk about skincare. Now most of you know that I work at Lush Cosmetics and a part of my job is giving people consultations about their skin and how to help clear up any concerns that they may have.
Now we all know the skins types : Normal, Oily, Dry , Combination and sensitive.  The issue that I seen arise is sometimes we honestly forget to take change of seasons into account in to how our skin adapts. Remember skins covers 100% of your body and is exposed to the elements more than any other physical parts of you.

What this post is a prelude of what is to come. I will post about what is really great for each skin type and help you figure that weather, your health and food affect how your skin is going to behave.

I do hope you beauties will find the posts informative and helpful as I go through them.

Today : Dry Skin

As we all know, dry skin is very uncomfortable and it feels as if your skin has seen as much moisture as the Sahara desert. It feels tight and you will use about anything to give yourself comfort. 
When looking for a great cleanser, I would suggest looking for something for dry or sensitive skins. I lean more to sensitive skins because you are almost guaranteed that the ingredients will be extremely gentle. Make sure the ingredients to look for have lavender , glycerin and chamomile.

 The reasons for this is Lavender soothes, heals, help to balance sebaceous glands aka your oil producing glands and its antibacterial. Balancing out your oil glands will help wake them up to produce more of what you need to make your skin feel amazing.

Glycerin is a wonderful softener and moisturizer which is what your dry skin needs.

Chamomile helps to heal so your skin will just feel better.

Also , though you may have a wonderful cleanser, I would suggest getting a facial mask as well. 

There is nothing more comforting or relaxing than getting a facial or giving your self a facial. For Facial Masks, again find those that help dry or sensitive skins. One the great face masks that Lush has is called Oatifix.

Oatifix has oats, bananas and almonds which help moisturize and gently exfoliate your skin. 

PLEASE BE AWARE... just because your skin is dry doesn't mean you do not need to exfoliate. Remember your skin is exposed to elements and every skin needs a good exfoliation. 

Now after you have cleansed, you will need to tone your skin. Toners help balance your skins ph after cleansing so it extremely important to find one that works for your skin type. Find a toner that is great for dry and sensitive skins. Toners for dry skins will not only help balance the skin but help lock in the moisture from your cleanser. 

Your final step is Moisturize. We all know but guess what, we don't all do it.  Moisturizing is am important for all skin types but especially for dry skin. Again, look for ingredients that will help bring moisture to your skin and if at all possible find one that has SPF protection. 

We all know how protection from the sun is important especially as we grow older.

Make sure loves you find out what you may be allergic to. 

I do hope this will help some of you. The reason I have not mentioned too many products is because I want you make your own decisions. My advice would be to look at the ingredient list and make wise choices. 



  1. i have to admit...i only started REALLY taking care of my skin recently. i never exfoliated, never cleansed...just used makeup wipes and water....not good. my skin has changed so much in just a few weeks!

  2. Aww Niki. Im glad you are taking better care of your skin. You take care of it and it will take care of you :)

  3. Hi. I love your blog, I was just wondering if you could check mine out? I'm new to the blogging world and I'd appreciate any tips that any of you have! Thanks.