Thursday, August 8, 2013

Water Water Everywhere and Lush is taking a stand to keep it that way

Hey My Beauties.

Today  I am going to focus on something a bit more environmental.  As you know, we are always trying to find better ways to protect our planet. We recycle, use surge protectors, turn off lights when we leave the room, bike ride and more.  We are also becoming more conscious of what we eat and drink.

A commodity that we take for granted is water. Water washes us and quenches our thirst yet most of the world does not have clean access to it.

Well water is a basic human right and Lush Cosmetics has a campaign called take back the tap. They want people to become better recyclers by not purchasing bottled water.

They want us to use reusable bottles to drink water and basically drinking water from the tap. Though bottled water is easy, most of the times we are not really great at recycling those bottles  and they end up in landfills.  We all know that plastic takes forever to break down so why not be better.

just a few tidbits for you
1) tap water is under more stringent regulation and standards than bottled water.
2) most bottled water is usually tap water .
3) Reusing a BPA free and Aluminum bottle saves money
4) Unfortunately, the process for making plastic containers do have some low levels of chemicals in them.

Why not help yourself while helping the environment and stop buy a LUSH and pick up a reusable water bottle.
$12.95 and $5.00 goes to help support three charities that are working to preserve water and water habitats

 To learn more about take back the tap ----> click here

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