Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keeping it Clean----- Helpful hints for the beauty shopper

Hey Beauties. I hope that this summer is not stressing your skin out or causing your deodorant to go into overdrive.

Today's blog is all about keeping it sanitary when shopping for Beauty products.

Working for a beauty retailer has truly opened my eyes to how people shop. Do not get me wrong. I have worked in retail long enough to know that most people these days are horrible shoppers with no regard for anyone but themselves. Notice I said most.  There are few who were raised properly and still respect where they shop and where they work.

Beauty shops do have it the hardest because everyone wants to try everything.

 Unfortunately, most people are not very clean.

Dipping their hands and fingers into testers and even "live" product with no regard for the fact that every beauty place has cotton swabs,  mascara brushes, eyeshadow wands, lip stick wands, cotton rounds and more.

I would really love to know why people revert to treating places like its their home. You want to stick your fingers in your own product that is completely your own business but when you are out and about show some respect for the business.

Here are a few ideas that will help in your quest as you shop.

1) Seek out the demo stations. Sephora is infamous for having those stations in every shop with brushes galore.

2) If you happen not to see any brushes, ask. I guarantee there is an associate around who will be more than glad to help you out.

3) If you have an opportunity, wash your hands. You have been out either driving, taking mass transit or just being outside. Germs are everywhere.

4) Buy and try at home.  Find out what the return policy is. Most companies have 30 days and hold on to your receipt. ( make sure to remember that )

Hope this helps my beauties.

Stay Cool

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