Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Hair Journey 2013

Hello My Beauties. I hope 2013 is starting of well for all of you.  I decided 2 years ago to go natural. It was a personal choice. I learned so much about taking care of my hair  what products to use and such. while i enjoyed the journey, I went back to relaxing my hair. Before anyone judges, I always believe whatever anyone does to their hair is their decision.

It sometimes felt that when i was natural, I was part of secret club of those who wore their pride on their head. The problem I always face and will always face is no one ever believes it is my natural hair color ( well except my mom and my friends who have known me for years) so whether natural or relaxed, I couldn't win anyway.

I decided to do what is best for me but take what i learned during my natural time to maintain my growth cycle. I went to my hairdresser that I have had for about 15 years. I trust her to take care of my hair and she always does an amazing job. Her name is Merna and her shop is Ebony Styles Beauty Salon. It is located on the east side of Manhattan. Merna is amazing and anyone that gets her to to their hair will love it.

The products I  used while natural will still be jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil. My hair is naturally dry so those particular oils are my friend. Also. I got a fab haircut and it is something I can maintain on my own. I am really excited and I got my BANGS BACK!!!!!

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