Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I think I need a little "Ocean Salt and Grass" in my life

Hey my beauty loves. I hope all is amazing in your worlds and that summer has left you feeling beautiful and amazing. Today's POV is about what body wash I am currently using to leave my skin feeling good and Also smelling good.

This Size $34.95 and soooooooo worth it 
The first product is called Ocean Salt from Lush Cosmetics. The beautiful face and body scrub is an absolute dream. It was great especially when we had those really warm days in NYC. Refreshing and cooling and smelling like a delicious margarita. Made with fine and coarse sea salt, Grapefruit infusion, lime oil, Extra virgin coconut oil and fresh lime extracted in Vodka ( yes you read right). This delicious body scrub exfoliates and leaves your body feeling brightened and soft.

Smells just a like a fresh spring day  or a fresh mowed lawn

Once I have exfoliated, I have discovered a new lovely shower gel called Grass. Yes Grass ( no giggling). This shower gel is made with beautiful wheat grass ( which BTW is good for you inside on out) and also has bergamot and neroli oil. Bergamot oil is a beautiful oil that can uplift you and make you feel really good and has great antibacterial qualities.  Neroli Oil which help increase serotonin levels which help alter our moods and give you a sense of serenity and well being.

the coolest thing however besides all the previous loveliness is that when grass is mixed with ocean salt, the smell is gives off is heavenly. You smell so clean and refreshing, you may want to smell yourself  almost all day. ( I'm just saying)

As you can see, my grass is almost gone ( Stop Giggling)

I did discover this concoction on my own and the scent is ever so nice. I submit this to my lovely readers as definitely a body wash mix to try.

Have a great day loves


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  1. I'm a fan of the ocean sea salt. Love that stuff.